La Scheggina

The small hamlet of La Scheggia is the perfect place for a holiday of idleness and contemplation, on the hills that divide Tuscany from Umbria, only a few miles from Arezzo and Anghiari.

Along the routes sketched on Leonardo da Vinci’s map! In the ancient sighting tower outlined by Leonardo in his map, on la Scheggia hilltop, a new apartment has just been built for our guest.

A journey through the colours and lights that have inspired Piero della Francesca. The original perspectives and landscapes that are depicted in the background of the Resurrection, a painting now hosted at the Museo Civico of  Sansepolcro.

The marquise Stefania d’Afflitto before, carrying on the business that her parents began in 1980, and Margherita Dellepiane now has renovated for her guests the most picturesque houses that form this small hamlet.



The Houses